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Hello friends,


I’ve been so busy the last weeks and have not had time to write a good blog post. First now I feel that I have time to put together one with some good content.


What I’d like to write about today is my latest photo-shoot with a swedish girl, here in Santa Monica. This girl has done some commercial modeling before in Sweden. When you work with new people it really makes things go smoother if they have some previous experience of being in front of a camera. If it’s their first time it’s on you to guide them and make them confident so the shoot goes well and they are having a good time. The girl, Camilla, moved pretty good on her own, with some slight guidance we got the shots we wanted. The location I chose was on top of a parking structure down in Santa Monica. This is not something I recommend doing. If you are taking photos in a federal building you need to apply for a special permit that let’s you take photos that. The permit includes paying a fee and it may not always get approved.

The shoot went well and we shot for about two hours. The shoot was more towards an edgy and cool feeling with some attitude and confidence, but still beautiful. We moved around to find different backgrounds and different poses. It’s important that you don’t get stuck in one area or in one pose, keep playing and move around.


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