I just finished my personal project Past stagnant time which is a photo series about the past and the loss we all go through in life. The way we accept things in life is important and influence our future, both conscious and unconscious. Nothing that’s alive will live forever, but we can remember and take pieces of that life with us. You can choose to see the dark and hard aspects, the cold and the loss. But also find piece in seeing that you are not alone.

The photos represent both life and death were the audience is allowed to interpret, reflect and think in a deeper level to find the symbols and comfort they need.

This year have affected me very much and it’s definitely been the hardest year in my life. It’s been an emotional journey, a physical and mental rollercoaster. A struggle, but everything happens for a reason and when you come out alive you are stronger than before.

Got the tear sheet from Editorial Magazine a few weeks back. The girls worked really hard and  did a great job for this editorial. I’m really happy with the result and the feeling it gives. 

Got a full page interview in a Swedish newspaper for their Saturday issue. So much fun to share my experiences, thoughts and parts of my life with others. The interview was basically about my life as a photographer, what I’m passionate about when it comes to photography and a couple of other things.

Emma-Bergkvist-TennysdotterPhoto-1 Emma-Bergkvist-TennysdotterPhoto-2

I did some clean headshots a while back for this young aspiring actor and haven’t posted then anywhere yet. The shoot went to smooth and this young woman is ready to take on the movie industry as an actor. We shot during the middle of the day and even though the sun was high we got great lighting and some really nice photos.

Photojournalism Behind the Scenes [ITA-ENG subs] from Ruben Salvadori on Vimeo.


Please watch this video. It’s so crazy how the world expects violence and drama around every conflict. How insane is it that they stage drama just to sell more images? This is not how it should be done if you do journalistic photography! For swedes, watch at this link and read the article as well.

I stumpbled on an article that is featured on a photography site called PetaPixel. It’s about a question many of us get as a photographer, “Can I have unedited photos?” or “Can I have all the photos, you don’t have to edit them or do anything to them?”

I know that i may seem reasonable to ask questions like this but it’s like asking a painter to give away his pairings when they’re not finished. When you contact a photographer you’ve chosen that specific person, hopefully for a specific reason: you like their work and style. To get that style that you like, the photos have been edited and so does you photos need to be if you want that look and style. Anyway, please read this article to understand more and also see were photographers are coming from when they don’t want to give you their RAW files or unedited files. The article can be found HERE!


Handmade posters of Bernie Sanders.


Greg Wells introducing Fortpolio.


Fortpolio playing.



They did a really cool song and this girl was rapping.



Bernie Sanders send a special video, made for this event only, thanking everyone and pushing his opinions.


Reggie Watts performing.


More of Reggie Watts.


Reggie Watts and the audience.


Mayer Hawthorne took the stage and played a few songs.


The audience were all still and silent.



Next up on stage, and the final act was Holychild.


The singer Liz had energy that spread through the whole venue.


Holychild and the audience.


The presence was incredible.


She was all over the place, even sining on the floor in the middle of the audience.


A happy and exited audience.

Yesterday I did a shoot at a fundraiser concert for Bernie Sanders at Teragram Ballroom in Downtown LA. The artists and bands playing were amazing, I was very positively surprised by all of them. The event started with Fortpolio, a group of people who are in highschool and do their own music. Very talented young people! After their performance they played a video from Bernie Sanders, that he made for this only for this event, so cool. Next on stage was Reggie Watts, a super cool, laid back dude who is just amazing when it comes to making music with only his own voice and noises he creates. I was very impressed by him when I saw how he creates his music. Mayer Hawthorne also played a few songs during the evening. Great music and so humble. The headliners for the evening was Holychild. A group of three, two women and one man. Their songs have a purpose and a message many times and the energy on stage from the singer was insane. She was crazy and got the whole audience to sing and dance.

PumpMagazine Feature

Today I got a tear sheet from Pump Magazine where I got a new feature about me. It talks about how I started photography and how I got were I am today. I would say it’s pretty personal and relatable. I think they did a great job with the article. Also, the photos me and Sophie did in Topanga are featured together with the article.

Asymmetric-Mag.-PrintGot my printed copy of Asymmetric Magazine were some of my architecture work was selected. I’m so humble and happy that I get to show my work to more people. I really like the way they did the layout on my first page. So happy to get to do what I love and share it with others!


The other week I took some photos of one of Swedens best music producers Nate. He has created music for many amazing artists and is now doing his own music. I think he is great and such a humble and nice person!