Got the tear sheet from Editorial Magazine a few weeks back. The girls worked really hard and  did a great job for this editorial. I’m really happy with the result and the feeling it gives. 

I would say that the wedding season officially has begun. Spring and summer is the most popular parts of the year for weddings and I can see why, the nature and light is beautiful. I’ve done a couple of weddings but since it hasn’t been my main genre to shoot I haven’t posted that many. Above is some of my fave shots from weddings I’ve done in Los Angeles.

Shoot with the Finnish Dudesons in Hollywood.
Shoot with The Dudesons in Hollywood.

Last Friday I did a shoot in Hollywood with the crazy cool The Dudesons for the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet. They are kind of the Finnish equivalent of Jackass. What we did can soon be seen in Hufvudstadsbladet in Finland or online. It was a fun shoot and they are truly extreme and funny. We found a small Range Rover to use in the shoot, plastic toy car and also an amazing old purple car that added something special to the photos.

They told us about the time they filled their pool with popcorn and jumped in it from the balcony. They have the video of that on their YouTube Channel. They have so many fun videos so check it out!

Cecilia-Blankens-ejcrop-4 Cecilia-Blankens-ejcrop-2 Cecilia-Blankens-ejcrop-6 Cecilia-Blankens-ejcrop-9

I’m the worst when it comes to writing here. Even though I want to share and are excited about it I forget or don’t take the time to do it when I can. Anyway, here I am. So, what have I’ve been up to lately? Well, I’ve done some really great photoshoots with new clients and I will post photos here and also in my portfolio page. I did one shoot with a Swedish designer who I really, really like. Cecilia Blankens makes the most amazing shoes in the absolute best quality and on top of that she is a really cool and successful power-woman. I think she is a great inspiration and really ambitious. Looking forward to work some more with her!


This weekend I did a shoot down at Santa Monica beach. The weather was great and we had some wind to work with. Even though the sun came up high pretty fast we could work with it and ended up with some nice photos.


Skärmavbild 2015-04-21 kl. 10.28.33 AM

Thumbs from the event in Manhattan Beach
I’ve been editing the photos from the event I shot this weekend. I’m almost done. When the editing is finished I always look through the photos and then export them in the right size. Dropbox it the option I use for transferring my files to my clients. I’ve used that for a few years, but I’m starting to wonder if there is a better or easier way for the clients? What do you use for transferring files to clients?

This saturday was a new day with work for me. I drove down to Manhattan Beach to shoot a child’s birthday party. It was a fantastic day for an outdoor pool slash Frozen themed birthday party. There were a lot of guest, both children and parents could enjoy the event. It went really well and it looked like everyone were having fun. Birthday party’s are always fun to shoot. I ended up with over 600 photos that now needs to be edited down to a reasonable number, that will display the feeling and the event the right way. I’ll give you a peak of the photos tomorrow.